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Self-brand series

Promote cell regeneration / stimulate the body's  potential
Activate Cells, Reverse Aging
Eliminate Fatigue, Improve Physical Fitness
Improve Memory, Adjust Immunity
Inhibit Stress, Regulate Three Highs
Add Small Molecular Protein Peptide That Can Be Highly Absorbed
Restore the original ecological life!
1. 20 years of accumulation, Created with All Efforts
China Peptide Industry Research Institute CPG has been dedicated to polypeptide research and product application development for 20 years. It has accumulated more than 20 years of professional experience, and had more than 30 patents and technologies.
2. The 3.0 Era of Domestic Small Molecule Peptides
In the world-famous first self-owned brand Pure Peptide Powder Functional Solid Beverage, the content of protein exceeds 90% and that of small molecule peptides is more than 90%.
3. Soybean Peptides That Can Be Mixed and Drunk Directly
“The Production Method of Bitter-free Soy Peptide Powder” (Patent No. ZL02115912.2) has created the 3.0 era of soybean peptide powder, which can be mixed and drunk with water at normal temperature, can dissolve very rapidly, looks clear and transparent. The taste without bitter allows you to fully enjoy the fun of pure peptide and enjoy the beauty and health brought by peptides.
4. World-leading Core Patent Technology
London International Patent Fair Gold Award Patent (“Technology of Soybean Peptide Dry Powder with Lipid-lowering Effect” Patent No. ZL00131275.8)。 First of all, remember that technology keeps the high biological activity of small molecule peptides well and keeps you away from the hazards of cholesterol, high cholesterol, and high fat.
Main IngredientsSoy peptide powder, inulin, bitter gourd peptide powder, lemon powder.
Specification: 60g / bottle
Method of consumption: Reconstitute with 100 ml of warm water and stir until ready to drink (recommended brewing temperature below 70 °C)。 If the product is brewed with milk and juice, the taste is better, the daily recommended consumption: 1g/spoon, daily 5~10g
Appropriate population: low immunity, sub-health population
Inappropriate crowd: infants and young children
Nutrition Information:
Item Per 100 g  (g) NRV%
Energy 1571(kj) 19%
Protein 59.3(g) 99%
Fat 0.7(g) 1%
Carbohydrates 31.6(g) 11%
Sodium 702(mg) 35%