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Self-brand series

Peptide can light body load can be fat
Organic combination of biotechnology and traditional Chinese medicine
Special polypeptide ingredients, no loss of nutrition
Natural, safe, lose fat in a healthy way
“Blue Hat” products approved by China Food and Drug Administration
National patent technology
Quickly eliminate free radicals in the body, resist oxidation, and enhance immunity
Supplement nutrition and harmonize weight loss
Lotus Leaf
Natural Ingredients, Safe, 0 Side Effects
Extracted with modern biotechnology

Calcium Pyruvate
Accelerate energy metabolism and consume excess body fat
High safety, can ensure the effectiveness of weight loss
Specifications: 600mg/tablet×60/bottle
Wen Xin suggested that corn oligopeptide powder consumption ≤ 4.5 g/day
Inappropriate crowds: pregnant women, nursing mothers, infants and children
Nutrition Information:
Item Per 100 grams (g) NRV%
Energy 1618(kj) 19%
Protein 34.5(g) 58%
Fat 0(g) 0%
Fat 60.7(g) 20%
Fat 409(mg) 20%