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Remove Fat And Detoxification  Green Replacement
Lvsu Meal Replacement Powder (Powder Drinks)
Do a “Su” with curve
Healthy and Nutritious
Rich in high quality protein, soybean peptide powder, minerals and dietary fibers. Can replace meals and shape body
Can replace dinners, reduce excess energy intake, and shape a perfect figure.

Detoxification and Cleaning the Intestine
The scientifically added copper sodium chlorophyll can promote the repair and regeneration of liver tissue damage, and benefit the health of human's detoxification organs.

It's safe and secure.
We have a national testing room and the laboratory has passed the CMA and CNAS certification. Each box of meal replacement powder that goes into the market should undergo rigorous testing and is truly safe and effective.
Main Ingredients: Concentrated whey protein powder、Soybean peptide、Isolated soy protein、 Chlorophyll copper salt、Moringa leaves
Edible Methods: 1 to 2 bags per meal, mixed in warm water (<50°C), can replace 1~2 meals per day depending on the circumstances
Wen Xin suggested: that corn oligopeptide powder consumption ≤ 4.5 g/day
Suitable for the Crowds:
Suitable for the crowds who are losing weight and shaping body, people who exercise for fitness, control weight; crowds eating irregularly and the crowds suffering from acne, stain, hyper-pigmentation and other skin problems.
Nutrition Information:
Item   Per 100ml (mL)  NRV%
Energy  1375(kj) 16%
Protein  17.7(g) 30%
Fat  3.4(g) 6%
Carbohydrates  72.3(g) 24%
Dietary fiber 28.7(g) 115%
Sodium   96(mg) 5%