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Self-brand series

Cosmic Precipitation
Add High Absorptivity Small Protein Peptide
Supplement sports nutrition to enhance muscle mass
Relief system fatigue “Mermaid line”
“The power of the prehistoric”
imported quality materials
North American imports of high quality protein raw materials, derived from natural, organic
(1) Scientific formulas/peptides escort
Super concentrated whey protein powder milk essence
Wheat peptides effectively protect muscle cell degradation
Fish Collagen Peptide Strong Bone
(2) Modern Biopeptide Technology / Concentrate
Protein, amino acid, electrolyte scientific ratio, more suitable for Asian physique
(3) Safe/Effective/No Doping Control
This product is tested by 145 kinds of stimulants in testing institutions, quality is strict, does not contain any banned ingredients, athletes can eat without worry
Main ingredientswhey protein concentrate powder, soy protein isolated, d-ribose,isinglass original protein peptide, wheat peptide, albumin polypeptide , L-leucine, L-valine 
Specifications: Specification: 800g/can
Wen Xin suggested: This product contains dairy products, soy products, cereal products, egg products, fish products. Wheat oligopeptide consumption ≤ 6 g/day.
Not suitable for the crowd: infants and young children.
Item Per100g(g) NRV%
Energy 1736(kj) 21%
Protein 78.2(g) 130%
L-Leucine 9.7(g) --
L-proline 4.3(g) --
Fat 1.9(g) 3%
Carbohydrates 19.8(g) 7%
Sodium   74(mg) 4%


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