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Through the dust haze Bobo hugs you
Medicine and food come from the same source, Rare and Valuable Raw Materials, Cereal Peptides, Just for Your Health
Since the air is filled with haze and smoke, let your respiratory tract have a spar.
Rare and precious raw material Classic formula
(1) Hyssopus herbs selected from the northern region of Xinjiang (Hyssopus, also known as hyssop, Zupaqini in Uygur) can inhibit the bacteria, relieve a cough and reduce phlegm, so it is known as the nemesis of bronchitis;
(2) Ginkgo, the dry mature seed of ginkgo biloba, which contains cyanogenic glycosides to relieve cough and asthma;
(3) Exocarpium Citri Rubrum, with the functions of regulating Qi and relieving turgor of stomach, eliminating dampness and eliminating phlegm, has an obvious effect on improving night cough in smoking patients;
(4) Dark plum can restrain Qi in the lung, moisten lungs; restrain the Lung Qi but not phlegm, promote the secretion of saliva but will not make the saliva greasy;
(5) Licorice can tonify the spleen and Qi, can regulate cellular immunity;
(6) Cereal peptides - wheat oligopeptides can promote absorption.
Main IngredientsHyssop extract, ginkgo, exocarpium citri rubrum, dark plum, licorice and wheat oligopeptides
Specification: 600mg/tablet×60pcs/bottle
Edible amount of wheat oligopeptides ≤ 6 g/day
Unsuitable Crowds: Infants and young children.
How to Eat: Keep in the mouth, not exceed 10 pieces per day.
Nutrition Information
ItemPer 100 grams(g) NRV%
Energy 1667(kj) 20%
Protein 2.3(g) 4%
Fat 1.5(g) 3%
Carbohydrates 92.5(g) 31%
Sodium 18(mg) 1%