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Tripeptide integration of three-dimensional defense
Marine fish oligopeptide powder
High-quality protein, small molecule peptide absorption, and more efficient and complete transformation
Tallyho marine fish oligopeptide has obtained the national patent certificate:
“A Fish Skin Collagen Peptide with Moisturizing Effect and Its Preparation Process and Uses”
Patent No.: ZL200810048084.0
“A Fish Skin Collagen Peptide with Whitening Effect and Its Preparation Process and Uses”
Patent No.: ZL200810048083.6
Soybean peptide powder
Soybean Peptide Powder
Soybean peptides can lower blood pressure, blood fat and cholesterol, and allay fatigue
Use national patent technology
Wuhan Tallyho Biological Product Co., Ltd. --
Soybean Peptide National Standard Drafting Unit
The first soybean peptide patent declaration unit
Production Process of Dry Soybean Peptide Powder with Lipid-lowering Effect
Patent No.: ZL00131275.8
“Production Method of Soy Peptide Powder with No Bitter”
Patent No.: ZL02115912.2
Ovalbumin hydrolyzate
Have a variety of biological activities, such as immuno-enhancement, anti-oxidation, inhibition of angiotensin converting enzyme and other functions
Human serum albumin-like food ingredients with high biological potency-
Natural replacement of human serum albumin
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