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Self-brand series

In front of high work pressure and great life stress, how to make you yourself or your partner in an energetic mental state, and become a qualified “old driver”? Taiyuan Drink will bring you out of the fog.
First-class technology create first-class quality
Dual peptides combine to protect kidneys
Perfect peptides and sea cucumber peptides are gained with the selected best-quality bovine whip protein and Liaoning stichopus japonicus protein as raw materials by directional digestion technology.
Combination of the Two Invigorates the Kidney and Strengthens Yang
Plant Extracts, Possible Nourishing and Moistening
Handpicked nutritious raspberry, mulberries and other natural plant extracts supplement essential trace elements for human body
Improve enzyme activity in the body and enhance body endurance

Precious Raw Materials, Perfect Match
Handpick the most precious new source of raw materials for food -- cordyceps militaris, rich in highly active Yang-tonifying substance - cordycepin
Matching with essence, the effect is remarkable

Liquid Dosage Form, Good Absorption
Vial dosage form designed according to the absorption characteristics of human body; concentrate a variety of essence in a bottle.
Absorb Well and Protect You Carefully
Main IngredientsBullwhipPeptide 、Sea Cucumber Polypeptide、Cordyceps Militaris、Raspberry、Mulberry 
Specification: 50mL/bottle
Daily Recommended Edible amount: 1-2 bottles each time, once daily
Appropriate crowd: Insomniac crowd, frequent stay-at-night crowds, and renal overdose crowds
Nutrition Information:
Item Per 100 mL (mL) NRV%
Energy 216(kj) 3%
Protein 2.6(g) 4%
Fat 1.0(g) 2%
Carbohydrates 7.9(g) 3%
Sodium 28(mg) 1%