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More Healthy / More Hydrating / More Natural / Hydra-Brightening Quantum Freeze Age / Whitening Run Run Tough Johnson / Adding High Absorption Rate Small Molecule Fish Collagen Peptide
High quality raw materials formula
Deep-sea fish collagen, natural plant water extract powder, full nutrition buckwheat flour, conditioning from the inside out
Deep sea fish glue protein ,Whitening, Remove spots, Moisturizing
Small peptides absorb well, whiten, freckle, moisturize
Hemp seed water extract powder
Intestinal Conditioning, Scavenging Free Radicals / Coix Seed Powder / Whitening, Whitening, Reputed as the Health of Life / Yuzhu Water Powder
Quinoa flour
Buckwheat is the only food that can meet the basic nutritional needs of the human body. It is recommended as the most complete “nutritional food” for humans, contains bioactive substances, and has good in vitro antioxidant activity.


Main ingredientsFish glue protein peptide、Hemp seed water extract powder、Semen coicis water extract powder、Jade bamboo water extract powder、Quinoa flour
Specification: 50mL/bottle
Daily recommended consumption: 1-2 bottles each time, once daily.
Not suitable for the crowd: infants, pregnant women, lactating women and children.
How to eat: Open the lid and drink, and please drink when finished. This product allows a small amount of precipitation, shake and drink.
Item   Per 100ml (mL) NRV%
Energy 402(kj) 5%
Protein 9.4(g) 16%
Fat 1.5(g) 3%
Carbohydrates 11.0(g) 4%
Sodium 41(mg) 2%