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The perfect combination of modern biological technology and traditional Chinese medicine
After twenty years of accumulation and professional development, the Institute of Polypeptide Research in China has introduced a gold combination formula-- the first herb protecting liver -“silybum marianum seed oil” + world popular “turmeric” + “corn peptide” extracted with modern biotechnology.  First-class service allows you to enjoy a healthy life.
First-class technology create first-class quality
Silybum marianum Seed Oil -- Supercritical extraction technology, showing the original efficacy
Corn Peptide - Bio-enzymatic digestion, enjoy natural health SGS tested, US FDA and USDA certified, please be rest assured to eat
Specifications: 600mg/tablet×60/bottle
Wen Xin suggested: that corn oligopeptide powder consumption ≤ 4.5 g/day
Inappropriate crowds: pregnant women, nursing mothers, infants and children
Nutrition Information:
Item Per 100 grams (g) NRV%
Energy 1618(kj) 19%
Protein 34.5(g) 58%
Fat 0(g) 0%
Carbohydrates 60.7(g) 20%
Sodium 409(mg) 20%