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Self-brand series

Increase stamina  Life with easily

Detonate the body's brain energy to stimulate the whole body's vitality

Small peptides, efficient absorption, restore body functions quickly
Special natural plant source, ingredients are safe, scientific and effective
With Hummer, work becomes easier!
Long hours of intense work or overtime work will cause physical and mental fatigue and low efficiency as well. Drinking Hummer Energy Drink can quickly eliminate fatigue and refresh you, and allow your vigor and thinking more abundant, so that you can complete your work with facility, making your career better!
With Hummer, the career becomes easier!
Long-term conference training consumes a lot of brain power, reduces efficiency and influences the process. Drinking Hummer Energy Drink can directly replenish brain energy, activate your thinking, and invigorate your mind, allowing you to maintain a good state and grasp the opportunity of life!
With Hummer, success is easier!
When meeting with clients, nervousness and lassitude may bother you, but you must negotiate important project. Drinking Hummer Energy Drink can improve your state, relieve your stress, improve your bad mood, make you feel confident and energetic, and respond to challenges easily!
With Hummer, it's easier to travel!
Driving continuously for a long time often leads to mental and sensory organ fatigue, affecting driving safety. Drinking Hummer Energy Drink can drive away sleepiness and exhaustion, and maintain your attention concentrated, so that your journey will be safe and your family members feel relieved!
With Hummer, exercise becomes easier!
In you busy schedule, you take time out for exercise and fitness. However, since your physical strength and endurance couldn't keep up, you may have body aches and pains the next day. Drinking Hummer Energy Drink can improve your endurance and quickly decompose lactic acid in your body, making you feel no pain in exercise and full of energy the next day!
Main ingredientswater, xylitol, crystalline fructose, soybean peptide, acai powder , black Chinese wolfberry, taurine, melons, planar extract, citric acid, sodium citrate, essence
250g acacia powder is added per bottle
Tips:Daily Recommended Consumption: 1-2 bottles each time, once daily, can increase the dosage depending on the circumstances.
Suitable for the Crowds:Suitable for people who work overtime, stay up late, suffer from emotional stress and exercise for fitness.
Item   Per 100ml (mL) NRV%
Energy  71(kj) 1%
Protein 0(g) 0%
Fat 0(g) 0%
Carbohydrates 4.2(g) 1%
Sodium 0(mg) 0%