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Tranquilize mind  Brain sleep aids
Calm the nerves  Help to sleep
  Peptide NingBao Ordinary sleep products
Composition "multiple" Natural Hemerocallis Root Extract + Walnut Peptide Powder Adds specially selected walnut peptide powder to help sleep and brain Single grass root
Effective "fast" Taken before going to bed, absorb more quickly, quickly fall asleep, establish a long-term stable sleep biological clock, repair excessive brain use during the day, no dependence Slow performance, single efficacy, strong side effects, easy to generate dependencies
Raw material "good" Non-transgenic, natural planting, high utility Artificial composition, low utility
Technical "special" Focus on polypeptide technology for 20 years, the formulation of polypeptide standards General process, low purity


Nutrition InformationValerian root extract、Jujube、Walnut peptide powder
Specification: 600mg/tablet×60pcs/bottle
Tips: This product contains nut products.
Not suitable for the Crowd: Pregnant women, nursing mothers, infants and children.
Dosage: Take 30-60 minutes before bedtime, 2-3 capsules per night.
Nutrition Information:
Item Per 100 grams (g) NRV%
Energy 1571(kj) 19%
Protein 7.1(g) 12%
Fat 0(g) 0%
Carbohydrates 85.2(g) 28%
Sodium 32(mg) 2%