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Small black peck peptides help big health

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“Black-boned chickens, those with white hair and black bones, those with black hair and black bones, those with spotted hair and black bones, those with flesh and bones that are all black and those with white flesh and bones are black, but those with black-and-black tongues are all flesh and bones, and are used as medicine. ”The results of the Compendium of Chinese Materia Medica show that Wuji Chicken is a health chicken with unique food and medicine in China. It has a higher protein content than ordinary chickens and has a low cholesterol and fat content. It is a tonic with a very high nutritional value. In Chinese medicine, it can be used alone or in combination with a compound, with liver and kidney, Qi and blood, and rejuvenation. Heat, governance heartache and other effects.
The traditional concoction method is to directly use chicken as medicine.
Rough process
Not absorbed by the body
If the chicken protein is enzymatically digested
Small molecule peptides obtained
It is easy to be quickly digested, absorbed and utilized by the body.
Researchers found
Wuji Polypeptide has a strong biological activity
Suitable as a new type of development of health care substances
The relevant articles published in the “Food and Fermentation Industry” indicate that the protein content, absorption rate, and comprehensive utilization rate of intensively processed Wuji Peptide are far greater than those of the general process. Therefore, the current Wuji Peptide is prepared by enzymatic hydrolysis.
The active advantages of silky peptides:
  1 Free radical scavenging ability
  The State Key Laboratory of Food Research at Nanchang University found that the molecular weight of Wuji active peptides was less than 1900 daltons. The experiments showed that the Wuji peptide has strong scavenging effect on the hydroxyl free radicals and pyrogallol self-oxidation superoxide anion clearance rate. The ability to scavenge hydroxyl radicals, its clearance rate and concentration in a dose-dependent manner, and can significantly reduce the rate of auto-oxidation.
  2 reduction capacity
  The master's thesis of food science of South China Agricultural University mentioned that the fragrant peptide has a strong reducing ability. With the increase of the concentration of active peptides in fowls, the evaluation of the survival rate of cells, the release of reactive oxygen species in cells, etc. To protect the level of cells, it was found that silky chicken peptides have good effects in terms of oxygen resistance.
  3 blood ability
  “Journal of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine” to verify that the black cleaver enzymatic hydrolyzate can promote the growth of white blood cells caused by blood deficiency in mice induced by cyclophosphamide. It can promote the increase of bone marrow cells in animals with blood deficiency.
  4 Analgesic capacity
  The paper in “Food Industry Science and Technology” proposes that silky chicken peptides can significantly reduce the release of cyclooxygenase and have certain analgesic, anti-inflammatory and protective effects.
  5 Chelation ability
  Other studies have shown that Wuji Peptide has a strong chelating ability to Fe2+, Cu2+, and thus inhibits lipid peroxidation.
  At present, Wuji peptide products are rare in the market. According to numerous research results, its nutritional value and health care and treatment are worth our further research and attention. This natural source of peptides will be highly developed in the future and require us to deepen research to speed up the health of Wuji peptide products. And market-oriented applications.