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Collagen has temperature, tripeptide warms the heart

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  In the past week, the continuous rain and snow weather enveloped most of the central and eastern regions of China. The precipitation and snow thickness in some regions set historical extremes. We have not only been “stricken” by various snow scenes, but at the same time we have not escaped this cold attack. Is it true that the little friends shiver and add coldness to the cold? Although there is news that the impact of the cold, this week is still a real cold, but we also have a protective tool - collagen tripeptide.
  Domestic collagen products have undergone three generations of upgrades (collagen→collagen peptide→collagen tripeptide)。 The primary collagen has a tertiary helix structure. The second generation collagen peptide does not have a triple helix structure and contains only one peptide chain. The collagen tripeptide is the smallest structural unit of collagen and is a tripeptide containing glycine, proline (or hydroxyproline) plus one other amino acid. Its structure can be simply expressed as Gly-x-y.
  CTP collagen tripeptide is the active collagen peptide extracted from deep sea fish skin using the global patent enzyme gradient enzymatic digestion technology. Its average molecular weight is only 280 daltons (Da)。 Less than the average molecular weight of 3000-10000Da on the market. The exclusive targeted enzymatic technology and ultra-small molecules ensure the activity of CTP collagen tripeptides with maximum effect, and can effectively infiltrate into the stratum corneum, dermis layer and hair root cells, and play its effective function 100%.
  CTP collagen tripeptide skin whitening muscle skin care. It is well-known that the formation of melanin is calm and the skin will appear stained and the skin tone will be dull. Collagen tripeptide inhibits tyrosinase activity, prevents the formation of melanin from the source, dilutes the stain, and makes the skin glow white, its effect is much higher than other collagen products on the market.
  CTP collagen tripeptide moisturizing skin care. If the skin lacks moisture and the skin's ability to lock water decreases, the skin will appear dry and rough. Collagen tripeptides form skin membranes on the surface of the skin to protect skin moisture; infiltrate into the dermis of the skin and promote fibroblasts to secrete moisturizing factor - hyaluronic acid, which locks in moisture. Two-pronged approach to keep your skin moisturized.
  CTP collagen tripeptide anti-wrinkle skin care. In the natural aging process of the human body, collagen content decreases with age. In addition, ultraviolet radiation and computer radiation received in our daily lives, and free radicals generated, attack the cells of the body, leading to the gradual loss of the ultrastructural integrity of the skin collagen fiber bundles, the loss of skin support structure, resulting in skin collapse, wrinkles. Collagen tripeptide promotes the proliferation of fibroblasts, autogenously synthesizes collagen, scavenges free radicals, reduces collagen fiber damage, and restores skin elasticity.
  CTP collagen tripeptide is the origin of collagen, the foundation of health, and the source of strength. Make collagen in the skin to form a fine elastic net to maintain our health; support the skin like a stent, let us resist the cold; as a protective clothing with multiple functions such as anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, and anti-grain, help us to support the organ and keep the body temperature.