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Peptide Lyrics - Issue 21

Industry News
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  Peptide entertainment
  (1) American men feed on insects for 30 days or lead a new direction for healthy eating
  2015-03-16 09:24      Source: China News
  According to the American adventure news website “” on March 12, the 21-year-old Camen Brantley-Rios of Alabama in the United States has insisted on daily three since February of this year. Meals are eaten on insects, a move designed to promote new ways of eating “feed on insects” for healthy eating.
  Carmen believes that insects are richer in protein than pork and beef, so “feeding on insects” will certainly become a new trend in the future.
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  (2) Spring bean supplement protein can resist the cold


  Medical reports show that all kinds of diseases that the human body suffers are related to the body's resistance. So how to improve the body's immunity and avoid or reduce the chance of suffering? Dietary conditioning plays a very important role. The following foods can help us effectively improve immunity.
  Eat more eggs, beans, top quality protein
  Protein is a key substance of the human immune system. The nature of antibodies is a special function of protein substances. Therefore, we must ensure that regular intake of a certain amount of high-quality protein from food. High-quality protein is mainly derived from milk, eggs, fish and shrimp, lean meat, and soybeans and their products.
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  (3) Vegetarian food is more nutritious than meat, soy products can provide high-quality protein, and vegetable protein is safer to eat.
  Professor Colin Campbell, known as “Einstein in the world nutrition world”, came to the surprising conclusion that the superiority of plant protein and animal protein can be judged: “A large number of studies have shown that the so-called low-quality plant protein is used for synthesis. The new protein is slower but more stable, the protein is the healthiest protein and the protein most needed by the body. Compared with animal-derived proteins, plant protein is slow, but it can stably win the 'health game' victory.”
  (4) Thousands of questions and answers: What are the health functions of soybeans?
  We know that soybeans have high nutritional value, and I have heard that there are many health care functions. In the end, what are the health-care ingredients and what are their functions? Due to the extremely high nutritional value of soybeans, nutrition experts have also paid attention to research and development. Soybeans mainly have the following health ingredients:
  一、 SoybeanPolypeptides
  二、 SoybeanLecithin
  三、 SoyLysoflavones
  四、 SoyOligosacharides
  五、 SoySaponine
  六、 Soydietaryfiber
  时间:2015-02-12   来源:中国科技网
  中国科技网2月11日报道(张微 编译)来自俄勒冈州立大学、佛罗里达大学和内布拉斯加大学的一项联合研究表明,深色的葡萄,无论是食用它们还是喝果汁或葡萄酒,都能够帮助人们更好地管理体重,以及一些代谢紊乱问题,如脂肪肝。
  2015-02-25 10:05:33   来源:中国食品报
  时间:2015-03-03   来源:中国食品报
  时间:2015-03-10   来源:中国食品报