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  Wuhan Tallyho good Leader attends the “Seminole Peptide Clinical Nutrition Experts Symposium” of Wuhan Elderly Company

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  On November 16th, the Wuhan elderly company held an “Seminal Seminar on Clinical Nutrition Experts” at China Polypeptide Industrial Park.
  At 9 o'clock in the morning, famous experts, scholars, and industrialists from the medical, medical, and health industries reached China Polypeptide Industrial Park for a visit.

  At 10:00, the seminar began. Chairman of Wuhan Tiantianhao and Chief Technology Officer of Polypeptide Technology Development Center Mo Zhaohui; Dean of Wuhan Tiantianhao Institute and Director of Wuhan Institute of Peptide Substrate Rao Bangfu attended the meeting.

  Also attending this seminar are:
  Hubei University of Chinese Medicine but Professor Han Xiong
  Professor Zhang Xiping, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  Professor Liu Deli, School of Life Sciences, Central China Normal University
  Wuhan Huatong Health Management Vocational Training School
  Huang Yuan, President of Wuhan Yuan Run Tang Zhiye Institute
  Honghu City Huakang Hospital Director Tu Yong
  Wu Binshan Street Community Health Service Center Director of Wuhan City
  Professor Cao Shuyi, School of Public Health, Tianjin Medical University
  General Manager of Wuhan Old People's Tianjin Co., Ltd. and Mr. Yufu Liu, General Manager of Healthy Living Chain Store, Anxiang Welfare Center, Liu Xiangyong, Executive Deputy Director of the Elderly Health Management Technology Research Center, Fu Meiyun, Deputy Director, Sun Xiaojiang, etc.
Sun Xiaojiang, deputy director of Wuhan Elderly Health Management Technology Research Center
  In 2009, based on our achievements in the field of polypeptide research and development, the Wuhan elderly company and our company sought cooperation to jointly look at the tremendous role of peptides in disease prevention and control. With 8 years of sophisticated cooperation, Wuhan elderly companies have become nutrition experts for geriatric diseases. Sementine nutrients have sold hundreds of thousands of cans and tens of thousands of consumers have benefited.
This seminar will discuss the research and development, production technology and market application of refined peptide nutrients for the elderly in Wuhan.
  meeting venue
  Chairman Mo Zhaohui first expressed his recognition and welcome to the site of this seminar, and emphasized that our company will give the maximum support in the production technology of peptide and sperm peptide nutrients, and constantly help to upgrade the formula of refined peptide nutrients. And production technology to help them better improve product quality, scientific use of products for the benefit of the general public.