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Peptide Opens Big Games

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On February 10, 2018, all members of the CPG gathered together to celebrate the CPG 2017 annual event.
The golden pheasant retires old and puts wine and narrators today.
Jade dog He Xinchun, a year better than the previous year.
In 2017, Peptide won the championship in the health market. Faced with such a flourishing trend, CPG persisted in the development of the early years, adhered to the “Three Specializations” spirit, and gave full play to the leading spirit and guiding power of the “Functional Peptide Global Business Application Leader”。
2017 CPG Annual Meeting, Polypeptide Event!
Let the world see how powerful our peptide banner is
The first is a healthy opening show “Happy Diaozhu”
Enthusiastic and energetic dance is wonderful
Goose, the average age of the Happy Diabolo performance team is 60!
It can be said that “people are old and young, happy when they are young; life is busy, happiness is the most important; health is a peptide, youth is always in.”
Peptides make a great contribution to our health! As a forerunner with the history of Chinese peptide research, CPG has created the most influential and innovative health product system in the Chinese health industry.
Care for human health, dedicated to accurate nutritional supplements for all people, CPG stands at the forefront of peptide research! Mr. Mo Zhaohui, President of CPG Manufacturing and Chairman of Wuhan Tiantianhao Biological Products Co., Ltd. delivered a warm new year speech!
Do not forget the beginning of the heart, have to always, Heaven rewards, with each passing day.
CPG's achievements are inseparable from the “early heart” leadership, but also can not be separated from everyone's joint efforts. Everyone in the CPG deserves our highest respect and hears sings to our own song “Gentle Heroes”。 Thousands!
How can we meet the rainbow without experiencing wind and rain? No one can succeed casually. In 21 years, thanks for having you, the heroes here, the red envelopes! Third prize 30!
“The nine-story platform began as a wasteful land. It is not only emptiness, spuriousness, and step-by-step work. It is a good job and results and happiness are all worked out!” Tempered and skilled acrobats The show “Akihime” has this meaning!
Dance “The Most Beautiful Song” to the most beautiful CPG family
The most beautiful red envelope is also given to the most beautiful CPG family! Second prize 30!
How did the Spring Festival Chinese New Year couplet, Chief Culture Officer Mr. Chen Jiwu wrote an exclusive blessing couplet for us! “The golden chicken is good every day, and the dog is spring to backgammon!”
The radius is both strong, sleek and powerful, mellow, magnificent, good words, good words, good wishes!
The blessing and calligraphy of the “worldly ancestral home” Wuzu Temple also came
Master Yinzen came from afar, blessings full!
Wonderful writing, pray for good luck! Yingxiang Nafu! Good Spring Festival couplet meaning New Year will have a good harvest oh ~
The dance “Flying Sky” promoted the annual meeting to a climax, celebrating our glory in glory!
A magnificent silk dance! Perfect beauty! Like our CPG people do things in a high-profile, low-key man's outstanding quality, full-screen lotus is not the lotus ponds in our industrial park, out of silt, clear and not demon! It is this quality that holds up the success of our CPG. We are hard-working, steady, and struggling!
CPG selected “Ten Major Events of the Year” in 2017 to interpret three strengths: “Seek for More,” “Big Fu Qiyuan,” and “King of Honor!”
With so many excellent results in 2017, how many CPG people carry out research and pay, and use their own practical actions to practice the “peptide expert, service global” corporate philosophy!
All gratitude is in the red envelope!
First prize! 20 people!
Rock show, shocking our momentum!
“Thousands of people drink together” further highlights our glory. The star product “Shuiguang Collagen Drink” of the Brothers' Dream Workshop is sold for 17 years, occupying the market's high ground, and the United States does not live up to expectations and the future U you!
The audience's interactive dance “C哩C哩” keeps the market open! Feel the power of youth, feel young hope!
The audience's interactive dance “Cli Cli” keeps the market open! Feel the power of youth, feel young hope!
There are only two exciting special awards. Of course, you have to hurry and see who is in luck.
The exciting special prize is only 2 oh
There is also a mysterious prize!
In recognition of the tremendous achievements made by the marketing center in the past year, Chairman Chen Dongliang gave us a leader in marketing, Mr. Peng Ziqiang, who is a popular person!
After the mystery awards were awarded, the new round of cash bonus cards was opened again. With four digits of cash, Xiao Bian feared everyone and was low-key and low-key. Actually, at the moment, Xiao Bian's heart was quite nervous, and there was a hundred prayers in mind: I am I, I am me…
Although Xiao Bian still did not win the prize, it was not disappointed. This process is really exciting and will come again next year!
In exciting moods, laughter, and emotions, our party has come to an end! Champagne toast, pray for a better tomorrow!
Holding high the banner of polypeptides, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, and entering a new era, let us cheer for the better tomorrow of the peptide business.
The 2018 Wuyi Year of the Dog has already arrived. Let us reunite and celebrate the festive season together.
Together with you, you will be honored and moved by this song. In 17 years, there will be you all the way, for 18 years.
CPG will continue to hold high the banner of polypeptides and contribute more to the vitality of human life!