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Cold days, warm people

Tallyho dynamic
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  The snow on the 26th was romantic in Wuhan. This snow came slowly and hurriedly. The snowmen in different shapes on the street were enough to let the loved ones get a snow addiction. The snow and ice world wrapped in snow has brought joy to everyone, and it also made everyone feel the inconvenience caused by the traffic after the snow became ice. Originally thought that this state will continue for some time, but, the enthusiasm of the Greater Wuhan to this kind of “inconvenience” will always stay in its infancy.



  Early in the morning on the 29th, I walked into the park and I was touched by the scene before me. The production center spontaneously formed a team of snow shovels. Before the arrival of the shuttle bus, it was not afraid of the cold. The industrial park and nearby roads were cleaned with shovels and brooms. They worked together. Soon, a safe passage was cleared and everyone was safe. We got warm heart protection.


  It is such a “small event” that reflects the good spirit of the day - collective sense of responsibility!
  It is just such a group of warmhearted people who will not be afraid of the hardships and tiring spirits of every day!