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  • Peptide Opens Big Games

    On February 10, 2018, all members of the CPG gathered together to celebrate the CPG 2017 annual event. The golden pheasant retires old and puts wine and narrators today. Jade dog He Xinchun, a year be

    2018-02-11 02\:57
  • Small black peck peptides help big health

    “Black-boned chickens, those with white hair and black bones, those with black hair and black bones, those with spotted hair and black bones, those with flesh and bones that are all black and those wi

  • Cold days, warm people

    The snow on the 26th was romantic in Wuhan. This snow came slowly and hurriedly. The snowmen in different shapes on the street were enough to let the loved ones get a snow addiction. The snow and ice

    2018-01-26 04\:57
  • Peptide Lyrics - Issue 21

    肽类娱情   (一)美国男子以昆虫为食30日或引领健康饮食新方向   2015-03-1609:24   来源:中国新闻网   据美国猎奇新闻网站“”3月12日报道,美国阿拉巴马州21岁的男生卡门·布兰特利·里奥斯(CamrenBrantley-Rios)自今年2月起坚持每日三餐以虫子为食,此举旨在向人们推行“以虫为食”的健康饮食新方式。   卡门认为昆虫比猪肉、

    2018-01-25 11\:13
  • Collagen has temperature, tripeptide warms the heart

    In the past week, the continuous rain and snow weather enveloped most of the central and eastern regions of China. The precipitation and snow thickness in some regions set historical extremes. We have

  • Our company was invited to attend the

    The “First China Health Industry Summit Forum” was held on December 15 in Changsha, Hunan Province. Our company was invited to attend. The General Secretary of the 19th National Congress of the Peo

  •   Wuhan Tallyho good Leader attends the “Seminole Peptide Clinical Nutrition Experts Symposium” of Wuhan Elderly Company

    On November 16th, the Wuhan elderly company held an “Seminal Seminar on Clinical Nutrition Experts” at China Polypeptide Industrial Park. At 9 o'clock in the morning, famous experts, scholars, and

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