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Historic Milestones

  • December 1996
    company incorporated
  • 1997
    Founding Institute of Peptides; Successfully Developed China's First Product Named Peptide - Albumin Capsule
  • 1998
    Create China's first production base of functional peptide products at the early stage
  • 1999
    First Peptide to Receive Dual Certification by U.S. FDA and USDA
  • 2001
    Successfully Declared Patent Protection of China's First Peptide Extraction Technology
  • 2002
    R & D center in Wuhan was recognized as a high-tech by the Wuhan Municipal Government Research and Development Center. And was Wuhan University, Beijing Union University Learn as a graduate training base
  • 2003
    Published China's first monograph on peptides "World of Peptides Community - Knowing Functional Peptides
  • 2004
    Published in China's first "peptide nutrition", marking a Door new nutrition discipline was born; "No bitter soy peptide powder The production method "patent is authorized
  • 2006
    China's first scientific research machine named after "polypeptide anti-aging" Structure "World Anti-Aging Medicine (China) polypeptide anti-aging Research base "set up in Wuhan
  • 2007
    China's first peptide testing organization passed national laboratories Accreditation; through quality management system ISO9001: 2000 recognized Card
  • 2008
    presided over the preparation of China's first peptide standard - soybean peptide country Home standards; the second phase of the project started; through food safety management System ISO22000: 2005 certification
  • 2009
    Built Asia's largest collagen peptide production line; access to health care Food GMP Certificate
  • 2010
    Founding of the first "Chinese aging standard data collection center "Was rated as high-tech enterprises;" a kind of rapeseed meal Direct enzymatic hydrolysis of rapeseed peptide preparation method "patent licensing
  • 2011
    Together with the China Health Promotion Foundation set up China's first Anti-aging special fund
  • 2012
    four patents obtained by the State Patent Office issued a certificate of authority;("A skin collagen peptide with whitening effect and its preparation Preparation process and use "," a kind of fish with moisturizing effect Dermal collagen peptide and its preparation process and use "," a kind of grass The brewing process of fresh fruit wine and its preparation method of wine series"," An egg white protein peptide preparation process "); be Accredited as "China Association of Geriatric Nutrition for the elderly in China Hair base "; test center CNAS accreditation
  • 2013
    won the first prize of science and technology progress in Hubei Province; high-tech enterprises complex Trial passed; "a process for the preparation of collagen tripeptide patent Obtained authorization
  • 2014
    won the first prize of Science and Technology of China Cereals and Oils Association, as the main Drafting unit involved in the revision of industry standards "wheat oligopeptide" , "Casein phosphopeptide"; access to the national industrial product students Production license
  • 2015
    Participate in the national standard "soybean peptide" revision; patent "a Species of microencapsulated walnut peptide and its preparation method "is authorized
  • 2016
    Patent "A collagen tripeptide chelated calcium and its preparation method" , "A peanut peptide composition with liver protection function and its Application "was authorized; start high-tech enterprises in the second application Please, publicized
  • 2017
    The institute opened up the path of independent functional peptide supplements and developed 14 peptide functional products for DreamWorks' e-commerce platform. It has a wide range of applications. As a star product debuted at Asia's Natural and Nutritional Health Products Show, Get many praise